You can contact Yolanda to register your interest in the reunion, or send in your photo’s.

Yolanda’s email is

Mailing address: PO Box 418, Terrey Hills 2084

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  1. Patricia Arrowsmith (Pat Midlane)- 6th class 1949 says:

    I have had great fun over the last couple of weeks contacting long lost friends and met today with two of my original group who went on with me to Hornsby High School – Jeanette Seale (Somerville) and Sandra Yalg(Howard) to try to identify our class photos. We still do not have a year 6 photo posted from 1949 but have found other years. I have also contacted Lynette Garroway(Malcolm), Pam Gallagher(Burke), Pat Coleman(Watts) and found that Janet Graham(Thornton) has lived in Canada for many years. We had all lost touch so this reunion has sparked a desire to reconnect! I notice that Jeanette Short is coming on 18th Sept – looking forward to meeting up again and with any others from my year. My brother John Midlane (1955) and cousins Jan Hearne(Crane 1947) and Helen Firth(Crane 49/50) will also be there. My sisters Robin Ross(1947) and Anne McMurray(Ab 1959?) unfortunately cannot join us that day but will be there in spirit! Thank you Dick Smith and Bronwyn Bishop for getting all this up and running! – (and to Yolanda who must be worth double pay!)

    • Garry Rodd says:

      Hi Patricia,
      you may not know me as at the time I attended Roseville Primary School I was unaware of the Midlanes, Cranes and Pringles. I did however know your brother John as he was in the same year and cricket team as I. The interesting part of this is that during my last years of high school (Trinity Grammar) I was dating your cousin Sandra Pringle whom I eventually married. Both Sandy and I will be at the reunion and look forward to re-uniting. Sanrda’s sister Margot sends a great big cheerio. She is married to Col Atherton

      • Patricia Arrowsmith (Pat Midlane)- 6th class 1949 says:

        Great to hear from you Garry -my brother John and I are looking forward to catching up with you both. You and John will no doubt be talking memories of cricket -he has been fanatical about cricket since Mr Louden tossed him the ball at the nets with the words “you are tall Midlane and look as if you can bowl” – he could, and became a good fast bowler playing for Roseville in the Sub-District Competion. Cheers Trish

    • Kay Owens (nee Stanton) says:

      I’ve been reading your emails, Patricia. I lived down the street and am sorry that I won’t catch up with Ann but if possible please pass on my hello. I did not think your family were living in Margaret St when you were at school. However, I do remember your hair being brushed by your presumably fiance and playing with Ann under the mulberry trees and being teachers and librarians. I still remember John was a very fast bowler.

  2. Patricia Arrowsmith (Pat Midlane)- 6th class 1949 says:

    Great fun finding long lost friends and met today with 2 of my group who went on with me to Hornsby-Jeanette Seale(Somerville)and Sandra Yalg(Howard) to try to identify our class photos. Still no 1949(6th class)photo but have found other yrs. Have made contact with Lynette Malcolm,Pam Burke,Pat Watts-Janet Thornton lives in Canada- but Reunion has sparked desire to reconnect! Brother John Midlane and cousins Jan and Helen Crane also coming.Thanks to Dick Bronwyn (and Yolanda too!)

  3. janil gray nee moore says:

    You and my brother Christopher spent time mucking around with radio sets.
    I have a sister, Elizabeth, and as children we had our annual photos taken by a member of your family.
    I married Philip Gray from Calga Ave( we, the Moores lived in Griffith Ave.
    Christopher, Elizabeth and I did not attend Roseville Primary, but spent so much of our time at the Baths.
    Christopher married Susan Gunn, sister of Andrew.
    Philip and I live in Gympie Qld, and if possible will attend the Rosie Baths reunion.
    Will Russel Setright be there?
    Janil Gray (nee Moore)

  4. Ross Adair says:

    The foto 4A 1944 Boys could be 1945 not 1944
    Back row 1 could be me Ross Adair
    Ron Sharpe, Malcolm McPhee, Ian Brown and others were in my class- 4th in 1945
    I went to Artarmon Opportunity School – 5th class in 1946 and to Cranbrook School later in 1946
    I also have a class foto boys and girls from about 1942 faeturing McPhee, Willoughby, Brown myself and others

    • Ron Sharpe says:

      Ross is quite right the photo shows the 4A class of 1945. The next year with Ross I went to Artarmon Opportunity School and then on to North Sydney Boys High. The attribution of names in the back row leaves one out there are twelve in the row not eleven the one left out stands between Ross (1) and Phillip Hayward (3). In addition I see Derek Moore standing at#10.
      Ron Sharpe

  5. Peter Towner says:

    I was in Sydney this week and noticed the articles in the local paper….very sorry I didn’t know the re-union was being held.please put my email address on the contact list.I’ve enjoyed reading the submissions from so many names that I remember,
    Must have been a great weeken.

    Peter Towner.

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