Roseville School Song

Lives are in the making here,
Hearts are in the waking here,
Mighty undertaking here – up and on.
We are arming for the fight,
Pressing on with all our might,
Pluming wings for higher flight – up and on.

Up now, truest fame lies in high endeavour,
Play the game, keep the flame
Burning brightly ever,
Up, now, up and on.

Fair before us lies the way,
Time for work and time for play,
Fill the measure while we may – up and on.
Life and time will not delay,
Time is running fast away,
Life is now, to-day, to-day – up and on.

Foes in plenty we shall meet,
Hearts courageous scorn defeat,
So we press with eager feet – up and on.
Ever onward to the fight,
Ever upward to the light,
Ever true to God and Right – up and on.

submitted by John Moore

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