Sunday 18 September, 2011 – 11am – 3pm


The Roseville School Reunion looks as if it will be a great success with over 580 ex-Rosie students and friends coming! 


 We made an effort to find the old couple who used to provide Oslo lunches so we could get them to be the food providers for the reunion, however for some reason we are not able to find them – even looking on the internet via Google – possibly they could have retired!  So it has been decided that because of the large numbers attending it would be better if everyone brought their own picnic lunch.

Could I suggest that we bring sandwiches with the possibility of swapping them, like we did in the old Rosie school days?  I am already hoping I can swap an Ozemite and lettuce sandwich with Rick Landers for one of my beaut peanut butter sandwiches (guess which brand!).  Also, make sure you bring your marbles and vigoro bats!

Also, if possible bring along your own lightweight foldable chair, a picnic table if you can, maybe even an umbrella as there is a limited amount of undercover area. 

Coffee and Tea

Even though we have asked everyone to provide their own food and drinks, we two commercial outlets selling tea, coffee and possibly muffins, they will also be donating a percentage of their profits to the P&C.  However, with over 580 attending we are not sure how long supplies will last.   It is advisable that you also bring along your own Thermos.


With such a large number of vehicles coming, parking will be difficult.  If possible see if you can get a relative or friend to drop you off and pick you up.  Of course, in many cases this will not be possible.  The only entrance into the school for the day will be via Duntroon Avenue, where we will all be greeted at the gate by volunteers from the Roseville Public School Parents and Citizens Association who will be handing out name tags and the latest information for the day.  Please be absolutely sure that you do not park across someone’s driveway as they are in constant use by residents.   Let’s hope we can have the minimum number of cars possible – please “car pool” where possible and organise to come with friends.  If you are old (like me), please do not hesitate in getting a grandchild to come along to assist you on the day – the more the merrier.

The Program

If anyone else is interested in making a comment please email Yolanda so we can include you on the program (yolanda@dsi.com.au).

The program for the day is as follows:

The school grounds will be open from 11.00am until 3.00pm.

11.00am         School grounds open

11.30am         Time available to go to a marked area where you will be able to meet ex-                        Rosevillians of your years.

12.30pm        Announcements at the school hall. 

(NOTE: there will be limited seating and mainly standing room only, we will be keeping the formalities to a minimum).  I will give a general welcome to all, I am sure Bronwyn Bishop will want to say a few words and we will also hear from the Treasurer of the P&C.

12.00pm to    Current students from Rosie will be manning the classrooms  2.00pm           for you to view.

1.30pm to      School Band Performance                                                                                         2.00pm

3.00pm          Reunion Closes



 Due to the large amount of work provided by the volunteers and the school we have decided it would be great to raise funds for the school’s P&C and for Stewart House.  Yes, Stewart House still exists and is in desperate need of funding. 

A donation of $20 or more would be greatly appreciated, from those who can afford it.  Wealthy politicians can surely donate $50 and squillionaires like the Leece twins should easily be able to afford a minimum of $100 each or even more!

Please remember it is going to an incredibly worthwhile cause and many of us have a lot to thank Roseville Public School for.

Name Tags

 We will provide name tags with the name of each person, their maiden name (if applicable) and the year that 6th class was completed.  This will make it easy to identify fellow Rosie students from the years we were there.

Get-togethers of Various Years

On the day we will have a number of posters at the entrance with the locations where groups from the various years can get-together in the school grounds, please look out for them on the day.


The reunion will still proceed in the event of rain.  There are some undercover areas, however if it looks like rain please come equipped for the rain – remember the old black Macintosh’s and galoshes!


Current students from Rosie will be manning the classrooms for you to have a look from 12.00pm until 2.00pm.

So you are not shocked, the school is very different to what it was back in our days – great improvements, some sections are hardly recognisable.  However, the old primary school building is much the same on the outside even though there are major changes in classroom dimensions.

School Band

The school band has agreed to come and perform from 1.30pm until 2.00pm.  This is to thank everyone for digging deep in making such huge donations to the school!

Roseville Baths Reunion

Saturday 17th September, 12.00pm to 4.00pm.  Simply bring your picnic lunch to Roseville Baths.  Some parking is available at the end of Babbage Road, outside the old baths site and also near Echo Point.  Remember there are limited undercover areas, so please be prepared if it looks as if it may rain. 

We will not be providing pre-printed name tags for the Rosie Baths Reunion (as we will be for the reunion the next day), however we will have an adequate quantity of stick on labels and a marker so you will be able to make your own name tag on the day, or you could prepare your name tag and bring it along with you.  In this case, have the name tag written with your first name, followed by your surname, followed by your maiden name in brackets and the year that you completed 6th class.

For any other information or suggestions, please email Yolanda at yolanda@dsi.com.au

or phone (02) 9450 0600.




NEW see below for Rosie Baths Reunion – Saturday 17th September


Dick Smith and Bronwyn Bishop (nee Setright) are organising a reunion for old Rosevillians who attended the school at least 60 years ago.  Friends, partners and others, who attended the school in more recent times are also welcome. 

The reunion will take place at Roseville Public School, Archbold Road, Roseville on Sunday 18 September 2011, from 11.00am to 3.00pm.  Please fill in the RSVP form on this site. 


We have not made a final decision on how we will provide lunch – it could be a barbecue or a lunch provided by a Lions or Rotary Club to raise money for their social cause.  This will be notified on this website prior to the day. 


Even if you have notified Yolanda at Dick Smith’s office that you will be attending, it is also important to use the RSVP on this site, to confirm your details.  Also, check at a later date that your name appears on the Who’s Coming list. 


If you have any old school photographs, school reports or other information that we could place on the site, please scan and email them to yolanda@dsi.com.au or post them to: Yolanda Borel, PO Box 418, Terrey Hills  NSW  2084, we will then scan them and return them to you.


Already a number of photographs have been posted.  If you can identify anyone on these photographs, please email Yolanda with the position in the photograph i.e. Back Row, (or number of rows from the front to the back) and the position number of the person from the left hand side. 


Yes, we are going ahead with the Rosie Baths Reunion.  For those who used to frequent Roseville Baths in the 40’s and 50’s we would love to see you at a very casual reunion on Saturday 17th September (the day before the Rosie School Reunion), anytime between 12.00pm to 4.00pm at:

Roseville Baths site
Babbage Road

There are a couple of BBQ’s, however we suggest you bring along a picnic lunch and a thermos of tea or coffee.

We would love to see you there.  Already coming are some of the famous frequenters of Rosie Baths who always “lay apart”.


How may of you can remember the school song, if you look under Memorabilia on this site and click on the program of the School Dinner Celebrating 85 years.  You will get the words of the school song.  Everyone should practice, they will be tested on the day by Mr Maitland.

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  1. Robyn McLeod nee Landers says:

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Rick Jamiesson. Left Rosie 1949. Was my swimming and table tennis mate. Last seen at my wedding 1962.

  2. Wanda SAMs says:

    Looking forward to catching up…:))

    • Kay Owens (Stanton) says:

      Look forward to seeing you. Will come with Sue Oakey (Fish). I remember the lovely time we had in your house while your parents were away when we were first married (still married) as well as Fellowship.

      • Trish Anderson (Patricia Bennie 1955-1960) says:

        Hello Kay, I think you lived in Margaret Street. Is that right? We lived at the bottom of the lane in Boundary St. I always thought my father made a very bad decision when he chose that block of land! I hope you had a lovely day today. My friend Anne Bartlett (now Hollier) rang me and told me a little about the day. I will try and catch a SMH tomorrow to see if it is mentioned. Kind regards, Trish

  3. David Ford says:

    Member of Class 6A in 1950. Now living in Melbourne. Regret that I will not be able to make the reunion as I will be recovering from surgery. Hope it all goes well.

  4. John Doyle says:

    Sounds fantastic – it will be great to catch up!

    • simon whitaker says:

      John thought I’d respond,thanks to a work colleague Jessica McGrath ex Rosevillian, in relation to upcoming reunion.
      I now live and work in Chatswood and so would like to maintain contact with the school as well as yourself and friends of dad.
      I am unable to attend this weekend as I will be in newcastle for the Baptism of my daughter.
      Look forward to catching up with you soon.
      Best wishes for an enjoyable couple of days.
      Simon Whitaker

  5. Norm Eakins says:

    John, looking forward to seeing you, been a long time. Norm

  6. Philip Calvert 1941 - 1947 says:

    Hope to attend

  7. Peter Rae says:

    Attended Roseville Primary from 1948 to 1953 with my twin brother Brian Rae.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

  8. Barbara Nielsen (Lawrence) says:

    I am looking forward very much to coming.

  9. david loader says:

    Greetings to my peers from Grade 6, 1952
    Wow, so long ago and so many in our class!
    I was surprised to see I remembered many of you, despite no contact for 59 years. I cannot attend this reunion but will try to make the next one to renew acquaintances
    Best wishes
    David Loader

  10. robert lambert says:

    see you Sunday!

  11. Trish Anderson (Patricia Bennie 1955-1960) says:

    Sorry I cant make it today -I live in Albury now – but have a fantastic day. Well done to all the organisers.

    • Esther Cossman says:

      Hi Trish,
      I think we were in the same year, although I went on to 6th class in 1961, whereas you left in 5th class in 1960. The names Patricia Bennie and Ann Bartlett ring bells. I went to the reunion on Sunday, but there were very few from our year in attendance.

  12. Ted Matthews says:

    Thankyou Dick and thankyou Yolanda for organising such a great day in our lives, including a top day weatherwise….Full marks!!

  13. Alan Kerr (59) says:

    Just a quick word of thanks to Dick, Bronwyn and Youlanda for a most enjoyable time last Sunday

  14. Adrian (Jacko) Jackson (58) says:

    Thankyou so much Dick, Bronwyn, Yolanda and everyone plus all the kids for a unforgettable, memorable Sunday. We turned out to be great kids.
    Your dismissed Mr. Maitland job well done.

  15. Bryan Inder says:

    Dear Dick, Bronwyn, Youlanda and Pip,
    Many thanks for thinking of and organising a great Roseville Reunion.
    It was a wonderful day full of memories and so great to see our Mr Maitland. [I had him twice!]
    With best wishes
    Bryan Inder

  16. Ron Lockman says:

    Sounds like everyone had a great day. I planned to attend but at the last minute circumstances changed and I could not make it. Well done to the organizers and maybe it can be done again sometime. Now living on the North Coast I wished I could have made it …..

    Cheers everyone…

    Ron Lockman.

  17. Barry Lambert says:

    Gold Star Awards to Dick, Bronwyn and Yolanda

    Had an absolutely fantastic time at the reunion, it was so good to see the old school mates again, some I have not seen since 56/57 (thank god for the name tags) I could not believe how well our old teacher Mr Bruce Maitland looked, I had him for 3 years as a teacher and he was also my footy coach. So many great memories that go with the old school mates. Would love to see something done again at another time to have the chance to meet those that were unable to attend this reunion
    Thank you again to Dick, Bronwyn and Yolanda and also the P&C and the young Students that helped (impeccable manners displayed by the students)

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